Applications are OPEN!

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All applications will be processed with ZAPPLICATION this year! It is pretty simple to use, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Eligible Works:

All works must be your original creation, both planning and execution.

No agents allowed: artist must be on site for the duration of the show.

We do not allow: buy/sell, gourmet foods, dealers, agents, manufactured items, or work produced from kits.

All applicants must submit four images of their work and one image of their display set up, including work. If you do not have an image of your booth set-up, please submit a photo of a grouping of work to showcase scale and consistency of work. All images must represent the work you intend to exhibit at the show.

If you would like to show more than one category of work, you must submit a completely separate entry for each media. Please include a $20 jury fee for each entry.

Media Categories:

Artists are asked to sort their work by category for the judging, as well as to ensure a show with a balanced layout that flows well for visitors.

Eligible media:

Oil and Acrylic Painting: Traditional and contemporary works painted on

panels, canvas, or paper with no mixed media embellishments.

Watermedia: Watercolor and other watermedia paintings. 

Photography: Both digital and film.

Drawing, Graphics, and Printmaking:  Intaglio, relief, and silk screen prints; drawings; digital paintings, illustration.

2D Mixed Media: Works on canvas and other substrates that incorporates painting with other mixed media embellishments such as collage and paper.

Glass: Stained glass, blown, and slumped glass. Works must be original and not include premade objects that have been altered (ie: wine bottles).

Wood: hand-turned, hand tooled, carved, or pieced woodwork.

Sculpture: 3 dimensional free standing or wall hanging works in any media.

Jewelry: All jewelers must enter into this category, regardless of media or process. No bead stringing.

Fiber/Textile: No mass produced garments, fabrics, or tapestries. No kit work. All fibers and textiles must be hand crafted or hand worked original creations. No leatherwork.

Pottery: Hand thrown or hand-built ceramic work. No mass produced goods allowed, even if altered.

**Please note: there is no 3D Mixed Media category anymore. It was determined that all 3D Mixed Media works fit into more specific categories, making the judging and layout process more fair.


Notifications: This show is juried each month on or about the 15th. Notifications are sent out within three days of the jury committee’s decision. Notifications will be sent via email. If you are not accepted to the show, your booth fee check will be returned to you via USPS within three days of notification. If you have paid online via PayPal, your booth fee only will be refunded to you.



Fall Foliage Art Show awards $10,000 in awards as such:

Best in show: $2000, Second Place: $1150, Third Place: $850

First and Second in 10 categories (above), $350 and $250.

There are two judges—one each in 2D works and 3D works. Each judge picks the top winners in their media. The judges confer to choose the top overall winners. Top three winners will not also be category winners. The judges visit each booth and will place a sticker on your booth card after their visit.


Spaces may be shared by up to two artists.

However, each artist must pay an individual jury fee and booth fee.



Show Rules:

No agents allowed. All artists must be on site for the duration of the show.

This event is outside and is held rain or shine. There are no refunds due to weather. It is up to the discretion of Shenandoah Valley Art Center to cancel the event due to weather.

No pets are allowed. Please leave your dogs at home (exception for service animals).

Artists may not swap spaces without express permission from the show director.

All spaces are 10’x11’ and no display equipment should extend past your booth space.

There is no electricity available and gas generators are not allowed.

This is an outdoor exhibit and tents are highly recommended.

White tents only.

All tents MUST be weighted properly. This show is on asphalt so stakes are not an option.

Work may be left up overnight at your own risk. There is Waynesboro Police personnel on site overnight Friday and Saturday.

Artists must remain set up for the entire two days. Coming late or leaving early will

jeopardize your ability to return.

No refunds after August 1.

The jury will not view your work until both jury fee and booth fee have been received. In the even you are not accepted, your booth fee check or PayPal fee will be

returned to you.

Approximately one month before the show you will receive a packet in the mail outlining check in and set up procedures and your booth assignment.

Returning exhibitors may request their previous booth assignment,

or a change on their application.

Booth assignments are made by the show staff and may be subject to change. If there is a change made you will be notified as soon as possible.

All artists are responsible for collecting and reporting Virginia State Sales tax. A form will be provided in your check in packet.