Fall Foliage Art Show: October 14 and 15, 2017

Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 12-5

Join us as we turn the streets of downtown Waynesboro into an outdoor fine art festival for the weekend! 150 fine artists and artisans will showcase their works including painting, printmaking, wood, pottery, glass, jewelry, sculpture and more. These artists are hand selected by our standards committee to bring high quality arts and craft to this two day outdoor fine art festival. 

We also feature gourmet food trucks, craft beer, and great local music. 

Mark your calendar for the 45th Annual Fall Foliage Art Show!

Bring your spare change with you! Shenandoah Valley Art Center is challenging visitors to help us fill up three huge containers of change to help us bring the 416 Studio project to life. A little change makes a BIG impact! Jars will be at SVAC, in the Food Court, and at the Information Booth. 

2016 Award Winners

Best in Show        Joe Engel
2nd Place Over All    Lynn Hilton Conyers
3rd Place Over All    Erin Murray
Oil and Acrylic Painting    
1st    Ashley Sauder Miller
    2nd    Mary Jane Check
1st    Linda Patrick
    2nd    John Obolowicz
Graphics, Drawing, and Printmaking    
1st    Troy Argenbright
    2nd    John Furches
2D Mixed Media    
1st    Amber Millan
    2nd    Susan Egbert
3D Mixed Media    
1st    Karen Shapcott
    2nd    Natasha Caine
1st    Tom Lowe
    2nd    J Gail Geer
1st    Mike Sorge
    2nd    Dan Burke
    1st    Ali Reznikoff
    2nd    Maggie McKenna
1st    Josh Solomon
    2nd    Phillip Nolley
    1st    Jake Johnson
    2nd    Mark Poole
1st    Bill Snider
    2nd    Claude Taylor


2016 Artists with Booth Numbers and Media 

(booth number is subject to change, but if you have trouble finding someone, just ask at the information booth!)

Robert Shepperd 2D Mixed 38

Carol Barber 2D Mixed Media 263

Susan Egbert 2D Mixed Media 248

Joe Engel 2D Mixed Media 96

Amber Millan 2D Mixed Media 69

Ashley Miller 2D Mixed Media 39

kari nidy 2D Mixed Media 46

David Norcross 2D Mixed Media 239

Deborah O'Keeffe 2D Mixed Media 142

Cecky Ropelewski 2D Mixed Media 206

Craig Snodgrass 2D Mixed Media 258

Calondra Stickley 2D Mixed Media 216

sharon argo 3D Mixed Media 128

Natasha Caine 3D Mixed Media 27

Bruce Fortier 3D Mixed Media 33

Wayne Gao 3D Mixed Media 214

Lynn Hilton Conyers 3D Mixed Media 64

Kathy Myers 3D Mixed Media 221

Chris Myers 3D Mixed Media 221

Chris Noel 3D Mixed Media 122

Ginnie Parrish 3D Mixed Media 235

Karen Shapcott 3D Mixed Media 240

Bob Friedenberg Drawing 113

Abbey Noelle Harvey Drawing 45

Nancy Strailey Drawing 49

Lisa Aronzon Glass 124

jonathan baker Glass 224

Ken Curtiss Glass 202

David Greg Denton Glass 31

Christina King Glass 148

phillip nolley Glass 52

Cindi Smead Glass 56, 58

Joshua Solomon Glass 136

Sally Warner Glass 48

Jamie Agins Jewelry 104

Anne Armistead Jewelry 246

Dinah Bailey Jewelry 109

Beverly Beahm Jewelry 259

Lynn Burcher Jewelry 119

Hillary Burkett Jewelry 256

Kevin Chen Jewelry 203

Deanne Christman-Resch Jewelry 126

tracy fenwick Jewelry 72

Suzanne Fideli-Krongold Jewelry 266

kazuko fuller Jewelry 37

Cathy Guss Jewelry 73

Earl Jones Jewelry 112

Alex Marksz Jewelry 101

Maggie McKenna Jewelry 217

Barbara Paul Jewelry 214

Terry Pool Jewelry 63

Ali Reznikoff Jewelry 146

Melanie Schaefer Jewelry 86

Cesar Sertzen Jewelry 134

Betty Torma Jewelry 241

Karen Yonovitz Jewelry 208

Audrey Young Jewelry 68

Marti Reed Oil and Acrylic 43

Tracy Anderson Oil and Acrylic Painting 100

Jana Baker Oil and Acrylic Painting 43

Christine Bass Dudley Oil and Acrylic Painting 253

Tracy Booth Oil and Acrylic Painting 67

Wynn Booty Oil and Acrylic Painting 228

Deborah Butts Oil and Acrylic Painting 121, 123

Douglas Cave Oil and Acrylic Painting 137

Mary Jane Check Oil and Acrylic Painting 106

Ed Fadool Oil and Acrylic Painting 57

Janet Hong Oil and Acrylic Painting 127

PAT AND SID JOHNSON Oil and Acrylic Painting 114

Bao Ke Oil and Acrylic Painting 61

Sharon kincheloe Oil and Acrylic Painting 93

Norma Martin Oil and Acrylic Painting 36

Eric May Oil and Acrylic Painting 130

Alison McCauley Oil and Acrylic Painting 260

Erin Murray Oil and Acrylic Painting 257

Thomas Om Oil and Acrylic Painting 62

Mary Ann Vessey Oil and Acrylic Painting 234, 236

R. Spencer Yancey Oil and Acrylic Painting 261

Emily Allred Photography 237

John Bice Photography 50

Ken Conger Photography 59

James Hofmann Photography 125

Susan Lockwood Photography 230

Brent McGuirt Photography 32

Robert Moeller Photography 207

Daniele Piasecki Photography 84

Henry Scott Photography 238

Charlie Smith Photography 255

Phillip Snider Photography 218

Bill Snyder Photography 105

Claude Taylor Photography 102

Alison Thomas Photography 29

Darlene Towson Photography 138

Debby Zimmerman Photography 110

Jana Baker Pottery 43

ed brownlee Pottery 242

Linda Bunch Pottery 222

Janet Gaddy Pottery 144

Maria Galuszka Pottery 25

Bobbie Greer Pottery 115

Kirsten Holmes Pottery 34

Jake Johnson Pottery 71

Elizabeth Karaffa Pottery 135

Lisa Kovatch Pottery 215

Cynthia Littleton Pottery 41

Alison McCauley Pottery 260

Tamurlaine Melby Pottery 131

Roslyn Nuesch Pottery 83

Dave Polce  Pottery  251

amber poole Pottery 116

Mark Poole Pottery 40, 42

Phill and Pam Ungar Pottery 74, 76

Laura Vik Pottery 35

andrew wender Pottery 209

Lisa Zolandz Pottery 108

Troy Argenbright Printmaking 66

edward bordett Printmaking 44

Theresa Brown Filarsky Printmaking 254

Dave Bruner Printmaking 70

John Furches Printmaking 97

Marsha Heatwole Printmaking 232

Julie Carl Sculpture 262

J. Gail Geer Sculpture 231

Jimmy Houston Sculpture 140

Tom Lowe Sculpture 139

Michael D Morris Sculpture 210

MARK SHRUM Sculpture 141, 143

Kevin Stitzinger Sculpture 82

Courtney Tomchik Sculpture 30

Kevin Chen Watermedia 205

Eleanor Cox Watermedia 225

Virginia Fergus Watermedia 120

Rod and Farhana Hemming   Watermedia   33

P Buckley Moss Watermedia 92, 94

john obolewicz Watermedia 129

Linda Patrick Watermedia 77, 79, 81

Robin Poteet Watermedia 244

Victoria Whorley Watermedia 204

Bryan Yung Watermedia 103

Dan Burke Wood 111

Gordon Ekback Wood 119

Brenda Hardman Wood 78

Mike Sorge Wood 54

Pat Steele Wood 95