The Call has been closed, but here is some information for artists that have already signed up! 


As soon as your work is complete, please create a login below to submit your hi-res images to us. We are looking for up to three images of your one artwork. There are simple instructions to follow, but let us know if you have any questions! 


Spend some time scoping out your assignment and get creative! If you are assigned a residence (or historic landmark) we may be able to direct you to some reference material to work from as well. If you are working on a residence, please call the owners to tell them you will be scoping out their property beforehand (don’t worry- they’re on board, we just want to give them a head’s up!).

Send 3 hi-resolution photos of your finished work to SVAC by May 6.

We will be selecting works for the book from these photos, so please make sure they are of professional quality.

May 12: Drop work off at SVAC. This work will be displayed and hung at the new 416 Gallery Space.

June 16: Join us for our Solstice Summer Party and LOCAL Opening!

All works should be for sale for this exhibit and there is a special commission structure of 50/50 for this exhibit (it’s a fundraiser for us!).