Join us for our second round of trivia! Host Annie Layne will be your emcee again. Subjects have been expanded, rules have been tightened, and we may have even used a fact checker…..

Trivia will be held at Stella, Bella, and Lucy since our building in under renovation.

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New Program! Starting March 6 at noon.

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Get inspired by something new!

SVAC studio artist Joy Tartter will be on hand every Wednesday with a preview of a new art instruction video. Bring a brown bag lunch and settle in to watch a preview of a video. Maybe your interest will be *sparked* and you will be inspired to learn something new!

FREE program!

If you see something that grabs you, Joy will be playing the entire video on the Saturday afternoon of the same week. Videos will also be available for short term check out.


The Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Arts and Humanities Program began in the fall of 2002 to offer area students a creative environment to further their study in the visual arts or theatre arts and humanities. Students apply to attend SVGS for their junior and senior years of high school and present a portfolio as the largest percentage of their application score.

Visual art students in the program hail from Staunton and Augusta County high schools, spending each morning taking courses in art history, humanities, and studio production, before returning to their home high schools for afternoon classes.  One of the two studio courses is taught by local artists, giving the students the opportunity not only to learn about specific media and techniques, but also to gain insight into the life of a working artist. Additionally, gallery visits, field trips, and exhibition preparation give our students more hands-on experiences in all aspects of the art world.

This show was designed to teach the students the process of preparing for an exhibition, and students are involved in every step of the process. Curatorial decisions were made collaboratively with the instructor, and students were responsible for preparing their pieces for hanging, creating wall labels, delivering the artwork to the gallery and assisting with the resulting arrangement. This show is a result of their combined efforts to professionally display their work. Each student in the Visual Arts Department is represented with at least one piece in the show.

An additional feature of this year’s show is a “Telephone” Series. Inspired by the children’s game Telephone, one artist “started” the series, shared their piece to ONE peer only, with a brief explanation. The second artist created a reaction piece inspired by the first artist’s work, then shared their resulting piece with the third artist. The series of 16 pieces will be revealed to ALL the artists, including the instructor, on the night of the Opening Celebration! We hope you can join us.

 In the Hallway Gallery: Blue Ridge Region Virginia Art Educators

In the Member’s Gallery the theme is RED