Current Exhibit: November 2017

Nicholas Martori


Nick is a fine artist who continually studies art masters' techniques and applications, especially Mideastern art. He studied art at the School of Visual Arts and Art Students League in New York City.  Exhibiting in New Jersey, Vermont, Florida, Alabama and Virginia, Martori’s works are in both national and international collections. He feels that his purpose in painting is to evoke a feeling of nostalgia - of simpler times and pleasures from the harmonizing chords of color. He turns the subject matter into a fantasyland of pleasing color, while balancing the horizontal and vertical planes of the canvas with a personal method of 'characterizing.' He believes that art takes a lifetime to accomplish what he wants to portray on the canvas through cumulative studies, experiences and knowledge. He brings past experiences, memories and impressions to the surface of his subconscious by using line, color, logic, space and design, all within the boundaries of the size of the canvas. Though some believe his work is impressionistic in application, he considers it bordering on fauvism, a movement in painting characterized by vivid colors, free treatment of form, and a resulting vibrant and decorative effect. His goal is to break away from the mundane to excite and entice art lovers.

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