Current Exhibit: August 2017


"Roadwork"  by Judith Ely

The Shenandoah Valley Art Center, during the month of August, is exhibiting in the Cabell/Arehart Gallery the artwork of BozART, an artist’s cooperative located in Charlottesville, VA. The title for the show is “Sparks of Summer.” One featured artwork is a collaborative piece by eleven of the artists. Each selected three descriptive words to define their feelings about summer and as the inspiration for their painting. Uniquely individual, each painting is a part of the collaborative piece. BozART Fine Art Collective members have been exhibiting art together for twenty-two years. The artists live in Central Virginia and create work for group and solo shows. Over the past two years members have created collaborative pieces while having other works on display as well. As a diverse group of artists exhibiting together, their mission is to effectively represent accomplished artists who are committed to creating original works of art.  Art Involved: includes oils, acrylic, phototransfer/watercolor/wax, photography,  watercolor and mixed media plus pottery. 13 Artists in this exhibit:  Randy Baskerville, Richard Bednar, Terry Coffey, Matalie Deane, Judith Ely, Frank Feigert, Zainab Haider, Anne deLatour Hopper, Julia Kindred, Kathy Kuhlmann,  Carol Kirkham Martin, Caroll Mallin, Madeleine Watkins.  

An opening will be held Saturday, August 5, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. and the public is encouraged to come and meet the artistsbozART Fine Art Collective

In the Members’ Gallery, the theme Blue will be interpreted by SVAC members through a variety of media and creative ideas. In the 416 West Main Street Gallery, don’t miss “Into the Light,” by Charlottesville artist, Deborah Davis. The exhibit focuses on the sophisticated detail, beauty and function of moths in our locality. Davis is a painter with a “mothing” habit. She is a trained herbalist who studied painting at Virginia Commonwealth University. Davis’ work not only embraces detail, but the harmonious nature and importance of the creatures in our landscape.

We have a few special pieces from the LOCAL exhibit in our gift shop this month. Also- we still have some books left for a limited time!