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Week One: July 8-12

SLIME CAMP IS FULL!! A messy slime filled week of fun! From oobleck to edible playdough, we will be making it all! This camp combines a little kitchen magic, art, and science for kids who don’t mind gooey hands. $100,all supplies included

Nature Around Us: Textures and Silhouettes. A week of exploring what’s in our very backyards to see the beauty and intricacy in trees, flowers, insects, and more. Students will learn new materials and two-dimensional techniques using charcoal, gesso, pen and ink, acrylic paint, printmaking supplies, pencil, and sun-sensitive photo paper. $100, and $25 supply fee

Week Two: July 15-19

Pirate Camp: Aaargh Matey! Shipwrecks, mermaids, and even a treasure hunt! Come explore life on the sea in this week of pirate themed projects. Handwork, costuming, and mixed media will all be explored in this week-long ode to the ocean. $100, all supplies included

The Human Body: Imprints and Molds. A week of discovering the spatial capacity of areas around us to understand the physical space in which objects, like our hands, feet, and bodies occupy. Students will learn new materials and three-dimensional techniques using papier-mâché, plaster, cement, sand, wood, clock-making supplies, and wire. $100, and $25 supply fee

Clay Camp:

Kids will explore hand-building and wheel work in this four day camp (there is no class on Wednesday so the pieces can be fired in the kiln). Two days of wet work, and two days of glazing and painting. $110, all supplies included. This camp is located at Lynn Hilton Conyers’ studio at 1205 Mt. Torrey Road in Lyndhurst.

Week Three: July 22-26

Circus Camp: Spend the week creating costumes and putting together a special circus act that will be performed for friends and family on Friday. Mixed media, costume and set design, and performance all converge to create a magical circus performance. $100, all supplies included

Museums Come Alive: You will be creating process -oriented projects inspired by famous works of art! This is a mixed media fine art based camp exploring some art history and different media including drawing, painting, sculpture and more. $100, and $25 supply fee

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Summer Art Camp at Shenandoah Valley Art Center

All camp classes are best for kids aged 6-12.

Morning Classes are 10am-12pm

Afternoon Classes are 1pm-3pm

Clay Classes are 9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm

Children enrolled in camps held at SVAC may stay through the break if you choose the full day option. You must include tuition for the morning and afternoon classes as well as the full day option. Campers who opt for the full day should bring a brown bag lunch. There is no full day option for Clay Camp.

Clay Camp is held at Lynn Hilton Conyers' studio at 1205 Mt. Torrey Road in Lyndhurst. For additional directions, please call Lynn: 540-949-0079

All other camps will be held at SVAC. 122 S. Wayne Avenue in Waynesboro.

Payment in full is required to hold your spot.

All camps are filled on a first come, first served basis.

There are no refunds after June 15.

We reserve the right to cancel classes with low enrollment.

For any questions, please call SVAC 540-949-7662 or email

*Please Note: if you are paying online, we still need a form for each child. You can right click on the form above to print it an fill it our, or we will mail one to you that you can return via mail.

Summer Art Camp 2019
Summer Art Camp 2019