All Members Can Exhibit.

 Show Your Work at SVAC!

Members are welcome to bring one or two works for each exhibit. There is no size limit on works submitted, but if your work is very large please call ahead so we can prepare for hanging help.

We also love to see new work! Please try to bring un-shown pieces as often as possible!

Exhibition Requirements: All work must be ready to hang or able to stand freely on its own.

What does this mean? Ready to hang: All works must be framed, or have finished edges. There must be screw eyes or d-rings in the back of frames for safe hanging. One on each side approximately 1/4 of the way down is perfect. If you have any questions at all about our requirements, please call the Center. Our new hanging system requires a wire on the back of the art! There is some flexibility on this-we can still sue the old way, but a wire helps! Sculptures must be able to stand on their own. We have a variety of sculpture stands available for use but we do not have acrylic boxes for protection.

Exhibits are hung by a committee on the Wednesday preceding the first Saturday of the month. All works must be checked in by noon on that Wednesday to be hung. There is a committee member available to help with the check-in process. See the schedule attached for check-in dates and times.

There is no entry fee for member’s shows, except for the big Member’s Judged Show in June and July.

Member's Judged Show requirements:

The Member's Judged Show is in June and July. Members are encouraged to bring one or two works for exhibit in the show. All members with current dues are eligible. There is an entry fee of $15 per piece, or you may bring two pieces for $25. This show has no theme or size restrictions.

After the show has been hung, and before the works are marked with identifying information (such as price tags) a judge comes in to pick the winners. Awards are cash prizes and the amount is determined by the number of entries. It is important to note that judging is always subjective and we do not guide the decision making process.


2019 Exhibit Schedule


Drop-off: April 30, all day; May 1, 10am-noon

Opening Reception, May 4, 5-7pm



There is an entry fee for this exhibit: $15 for one piece, or two for $25

Drop-off: May 28 all day, May 29, 10am-noon

Opening Reception, June 1, 5-7pm

August: BLUE

Drop-off: July 30, all day; July 31, 10am-noon

Opening Reception: August 3, 5-7pm

September/October: Artist's Choice:

Members may bring three works!

Drop-off: Sept. 3, all day; Sept. 4, 10am-noon

Opening Reception: September 7 5-7pm

November: PURPLE

Drop-off: Oct. 29, all day; Oct. 30, 10am-noon

Opening Reception: November 2, 5-7pm

December/January: Small Works

Drop off: Dec. 3, all day; Dec. 4, 10am-noon

Opening Reception: December 14, 5-7pm


Follow this link to pay your dues.

The membership calendar year runs from January to December each year. You will need to renew your dues every year, unless you purchase a Lifetime Membership.

If you are a NEW member and it is past July 1, you may pay pro-rated dues (50% for the remainder of the year).