members show card front 2019.jpg

#1: Rose Guterbock

Beautifully depicted! A spiritual dreamscape. Skill level and mastery of materials are advanced. It tells a story from another universe. It begs the viewer to create their own narrative.                

#2: Lynn Hilton Conyers

Mastery and skill of this piece are extraordinarily advanced. Tis conveys not only female strength but the beauty in being a woman. Strong, yet delicate, shining on the inside.       

#3: Wanda Bird

Composition is well displayed. It begs the viewer to bring their own experiences to interpretation. It is strong in its vulnerability.                          


Honorable Mentions:

Elisabeth Fitzhugh: Beautiful use of space, color, and depiction of a woman. The written text very much adds to the piece. She tells a story of survival and strength.                 

Joe Garber: Fabulous use of color! Composition is very earnest and genuine.                                       

Tom Elliott: Humorous and well executed. Art needs a sense of humor! Good use of color and composition.                                         

J Scott Robinson: Excellent use of color and symmetry. Its playful and skillful. The pattern making is interesting and not decorative.                


Penny Cabell Memorial Watercolor Award:

Carol Anderson