May Exhibits:

Cabell-Arehart Invitational Gallery: Angus Carter Going Blind

angus card 2019.jpg

In his own words: “The intent of my work has never been to translate a clear vision into paint but more to strip away the veil of consciousness and allow the recesses of the back of the mind to take hold. Abandoning formal thoughts, forms develop from there, slowly taking shape and illuminating thoughts that are often vague in my waking mind. Often those ideas manifest themselves in chaotic forms and abstract figures, that mirror my sense of disconnection and disillusionment with the world at large. As I proceed deeper into it, my work becomes a world where I don’t know what’s going on anymore. A world struggling between idealism and harsh realities. One where childlike figures intermingle with macabre forms, in a disjointed dance upon the canvas. A world that simultaneously embodies all my hopes, dreams and aspirations along with my fears, insecurities and failures and one that I’m still trying to reconcile and make sense of as I create it.” -Angus Carter

In the Hallway Gallery


Andrea Stuart:

The Collector’s Cabinet of Memories

My obsession comes from the past. Years ago, circumstances led me to abandon many precious antiques- a marble wash table, my grandmother's, pots and pans, my other grandmother's feathered hats, and many other sentimental objects of beauty and love. In between my most tragic loss was that of my brother; two years my junior at the age of 21, while I was studying at the San Francisco Art Institute. It seems to make sense for me to internalize these objects through my photographs and possess them in a way that is indelible and transitory. Through my photographs these objects, collections, family heirlooms- that people collect to display, sell and cherish I too possess them through my work. It is through my admiration of their beauty, form and structure, my images are created. It excites me to see so many valued objects take on new life and purpose whether they are new objects, antiques or extinct. Objects have beauty, sentimentality and meaning and it is my desire to explore and record them with the passion I so fervently feel. This passion and sense of loss in my first series led me to my next series “Cabinet of Memories – Extinct.”