We have 12 artists working in on-site studios. 10 are upstairs in the private and shared studio spaces and two are potters in the Educational Studio. When you visit you may have a chance to see artists working in their natural habitats, but even if they aren’t here, most studio spaces are open for touring.

Studio artists are:

Ellen Kell: Watercolor and Acrylic painting, primarily landscapes. The Mirthful Mother (Rose Guterbock): Etched silver jewelry and surreal oil painting. Joyet Arts (Joy E. Tartter): Acrylic and watercolor painting. Myra Brown: Watercolor and Oil Painting. Piper Groves: Printmaking and Mixed Media. John D. Hoyle: Drawing and Oil Painting. Marti Reed: Oil Painting, specializing in animals and commissioned portraits. Faye Griggs: Acrylic Painting. Jen Jones: Photography and abstract painting. Betty DeMar Mueller: Oil painting, printmaking, metal sculpture. Jake Johnson: Potter. Jake owns Make Waynesboro (a clay studio) and his studio shop is here, upstairs with the other studio artists.

Joyce Allen and Jessie Taylor are our resident potters.

We currently have a waiting list for studios. If you are interested in renting a studio when one becomes available, please email svartcenter@gmail.com to get on the list. When our expansion project is finished (2020) we will have 8-10 more studios available.